Two ADSL lines two Routers one LAN

Two ADSL lines - two routers - one LAN

Here's a very interesting scheme of merging two routers in a LAN-home network that uses IP addresses and C class. Take for example that you have your router and computer, as well as ADSL access to the Internet, a neighbor has a router, computer, network printer and ADSL access to the Internet. Would you like to network with neighbor share files, play and possibly use a network printer for shared printing, assuming that everyone has their own access to the Internet independently.

Figure 1.
ADSL 1 and ADSL 2 output line that connects the LAN

So, connect two routers (LAN ports) Crossover cable.

- Once the router the IP address of / a second router the IP address of / (it is important that they are on the same subnet and that is mostly already set by default). So this will be the gateway IP address for access to the Internet.

- On computers set a fixed (static) IP address, so let agree that one uses the odd and the other even numbers from the scope of the address (if you add more computers). So the one with the IP address of the router will use for the first computer first odd IP address, etc. .. with a network mask of and the gateway IP address of his router and it is in this case

- Your neighbor/friend that uses the IP address on the router will use the first steam IP address for the computer, etc ... and the Gateway will set the IP address of your router. In addition to him (or you) is connected to a network printer that has its own IP address on the same subnet so it can sherati ie. Use all of the LAN.

- IP address of the printer can be different and it depends on its characteristics (see printer manual)

Here's how networking between two routers, two computers and a network printer in the LAN network and everyone has their own router for access to the Internet independently.

Btw: make sure that the router is connected to the pc network printer you have designated "pool" to address that. address range that would not have happened to you the IP address of a network printer is out of the pool (scope). A subnet allocation and IP addresses read more at the 'Blog Content' for VLSM and Subneting