Hierarchical view of subnet IP address

Do not I have a lot of writing, here is one table for the IP address (VLSM subnetting C class, four-th Octet in an IP address)

Figure 10.

VLSM subnetting C class, four-th Octet in an IP address
On Figure10 you see picturesque hierarchical view of IP addresses that are Subnetting. You notice that the Figure10 shows only the fourth octet, ie. Decimal number with a dot in front of meaning that comes in front of the power supply (the one our "N"). "N" denotes Network.

How to orient yourself the picture. Let's look at our IP address, where is it located?
It is located in the third column of .64 (.94 .65).
That means if we perform Subnetting IP address and the default network mask that we borrowed three bits, so our new Subnet Mask, or CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) format /27, and is in the range of IP addresses -

Wondering what is the IP address, it is our Subnet that is not used, the first usable IP address is
What is the IP address, now that's broadcast IP address that also do not use. 

Figure 10a.

A hierarchical division of A Class Private addresses

A hierarchical division of Internet addresses

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