Connect to a remote router via Telnet

Telnet is a network protocol, In this tutorial I'll show how you can connect to the remote router in the network assuming that the network is configured and functional. It is also important that the network configuration set the hostname (name of the router) and IP Host Table with an IP address.
I will use a network configured with IGRP Routing Protocol 

Figure 1.
The reconfiguration of the remote router with the command Telnet
Connecting via Telnet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telnet) I will execute from the PRODAJA router to the other routers.

Telnet from PRODAJA router to UPRAVA router

 Prodaja#telnet Uprava
 Trying ... Open
 Password: cisco // enter a password to access via Telnet VTY connections
 Password: class // enter a password to access Privileged mode
 Uprava#exit // exit exit Telnet connection
 [Connection to prodaja closed by foreign host]

Telnet from PRODAJA router to MARKETING router

 Prodaja#telnet Marketing
 Trying ... Open
 Password: cisco
 Password: class
 [Connection to prodaja closed by foreign host]

If on the routers is the banner motd message it will occur immediately upon accession.

 Prodaja#telnet Uprava
 Trying ... Open
 Welcome to the router UPPRAVA // MOTD message

And finally, What is a Telnet?

Telnet is a network protocol within the IP group of protocols used on the Internet or local area networks. The purpose of this protocol is to establish a bi-directional 8-bit communication channel between two networked computers.
Telnet is most often used to provide the user a single computer session to use the so-called. command line interface to another computer. The name itself comes from the protocol shortcuts english name "TELephone NETwork" which shows that the protocol was designed with the intention of connecting one terminal to the remote host.

Commonly, the term Telnet also used as the name of an interactive client program that allows you to connect to another computer Telnet. The client program under this title is available as standard on virtually all UNIX and Linux operating systems almost from the beginning, and more recently on all other operating systems. It is therefore also known phrase 'telnet to another computer', which means the use of the telnet client and the telnet protocol to connect to another computer.
One of the most popular programs using Telnet is a "putty"